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Important Elements of a Commercial Landscape Design

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Mar 7, 2023 6:00:00 AM

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Whether your renovating multi-building offices, learning institutions, college campus, stylish condominiums, or the ultimate retail center, the right commercial landscape design can really make all the difference. But, without a doubt, a commercial landscape designer needs to ensure that green outdoor spaces deliver more value than aesthetics, alone.


Embracing design, each tailored landscaping solution needs to perform in multiple ways. For one, robust and verdant outdoor areas should boast brand identity, withstand destructive foot traffic, and ensure profitability is included.

Read on to discover some of the prime elements that should be embraced by a commercial landscape designer when entering the 1st phase of a project.


Within any commercial landscape space, plants and unique hardscape features are always going to be an attraction. As such, the optimal flow of pedestrian traffic should always be a consideration.

Hardscaped sidewalks and paved surfaces will serve best when designed to accommodate an appropriate volume of pedestrians and visitors, efficiency, safety and routes for soft-scape preservation.

Indeed, without fail, when employees or customers are presented with the temptation to shortcut through a lawn or a convenient planter, a substantial number of them will succumb!

In contrast, when a commercial landscape designer incorporates aspects like aesthetics, directional walking paths, all aspects of landscaping can thrive as business moves forward.


Few features of a commercial property can capture curiosity in the way that a unique focal point does.

When an attractive façade is enhanced with aesthetically pleasing foliage, colorful flora, or interesting specimens, it will certainly attract attention, customers and the surrounding people.

When it comes to a commercial landscape service, this approach can help a company - merchant build its brand identity among those who are engaged, allowing you to begin with a great 1st impression already established—whether interacting with potential clients, recruits, residents, or coworkers.

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The health benefits of outdoor green spaces are endless according to many documented studies, but did you know that monetary rewards await those primarily interested in driving the bottom line?

Evidence suggests that the presence of attractive landscaping encourages retail shoppers to spend more time at their retail destinations, while further studies indicate that access to green spaces can help employees boost productivity, creativity and relaxation alike.

To those whom are interested in accessing to the true value of a commercial landscape design build project, should consider the benefit of adding in lounging areas and comfortable outdoor seating.


With any commercial exterior comes a responsibility to ensure the safety for those amongst it. As such, certain safety and security features should be foundational within your commercial landscape design.

These might include soft - subtle lighting not only to enhance the surrounding landscape, but to ensure that the property isn't inviting to vagrants or loiterers, in addition, pathways and stairways should be illuminated for safety and security.

If your landscape design incorporates sculptural trees, then considerations for tree management should be inclusive—as a precaution against failing trees—as will be clean, debris free, sanitary paved surfaces.

Why not ask your trusted commercial landscape designer on how to plan around maintenance, safety and aesthetics?


Here in the Bay Area, the climate demands a lot from a commercial landscape service, and that means that you should too. The selection of structural - artistic elements and plant species must all be made with drought-resilience in mind.

When it comes down to an HOA Landscape Maintenance Service, tactics such as mulching for weed suppression and opting for native plant species that will thrive with little attention can ensure highly aesthetic landscaping that is robust and low maintenance—as opposed to landscaping that demands extra labor for maintenance and expensive plant replacements.

A well-thought out commercial landscape design will be cost-efficient in terms of maintenance once acclimated, and property owners shouldn't expect anything less.

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Of course, a primary factor driving the cost of a commercial landscaping project is always going to be water, and anyone familiar with Rain Bird knows that the intelligent use of water transitions into money saving opportunities.

When planning for a functional, attractive, and inviting commercial landscape design, future water consumption should be an integral part of the designers planning process.

From a water management perspective, the escalating cost of municipal water means that a design must achieve the end result in a number of creative ways.

These includes incorporating efficient irrigation design processes, opting in for drought-tolerant native plant selections, and the placement of plants in such a way as to encourage water absorption, mitigating erosion and water runoff.

Here at FloraTerra Design Group, we draw upon decades of experience, gaining incite from professional affiliations, organizations and institutions for best landscape design practices.

Our in-depth understanding of the bay area, climate appropriate plants, soils, budget and functionality all play an important role in our landscape design process.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you gain insight into commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance, contact our team today, Call 408.275.1200. 


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