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10 Creative Ways to Green Your Commercial Landscaping Service

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Jan 7, 2015 7:42:00 AM

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FloraTerra implements strategies to help our clients green their properties, yielding improved public perception, increased profits, and greener landscaping.

Sustainable landscape management encourages the systems created by nature: healthy soils supporting healthy plants. The foundation of "sustainable green landscaping" requires the plants and soils to be viewed as extensions of one another, existing in a perfect symbiotic relationship. This holistic, "bottom up" focus contrasts with the conventional maintenance mindset of treating specific plant health conditions from the "top down" through the application of synthetic chemicals and materials.

Understanding all environmental conditions within a landscape, including public use patterns as well aesthetic expectations is vital to creating a successful maintenance program. Our programs are continuously adjusted to meet the needs of our client’s properties.

10 Proven Methods to "Green Your Properties Landscaping"

1. Appropriate Plant Placement  

Implementing the use of native and drought tolerant plants are ideal for your landscape conditions ultimately saving you money by lessening your impact on the environment. By utilizing local plants and materials as they grow require less water, fertilizer and pesticides compared to traditional non-native types.

2. Turf Area 

Consider the benefits of eliminating high-maintenance lawn areas that require increased resources. Installing evergreen plants, mulch or establishing no-mow zones will increase resources saving you money on labor, water, pesticides and fertilizers.

3. Colorful Perennial Plantings

Colorful plantings including perennials can offer the same aesthetic value as annual flowers with minimized maintenance and replacement cost. The investment in non-traditional flowers often pay back in less than 1-2 years, and the flowers bloom year after year without the expense of costly replacements. Perennials are easy to propagate for new areas as you can transplant some of them to improve the appearance in other areas throughout your landscape.

4. Essential Mulching 

Using appropriate amounts of mulch in your commercial landscaping can create healthy plants and reduce the use of water. Bark mulch reduces the impact of high soil temperatures, suppresses weed growth and helps the soils fertility.

5. Energy Efficient Trees &Landscaping

In commercial tree care, the use of energy efficient trees on the west and northwest side of your building will help slow down high winds. Deciduous trees planted on south and east sides of your building will suppress hot temperatures, and with the proper commercial tree pruning will allow winter sunlight to warm your building. According to the EPA, a well-designed landscape can cut air-conditioning and heating costs.

6. Soil Testing 

Having the PH of your soil tested for plants and lawns will help to decide which types of plants will adapt to your soil. By improving your soil with organic matter will help retain additional water and fertilizer ultimately lessening the effects of soil compaction. Promote organic soil matter by incorporating organic compost, recycled leaves and green waste back into your landscape.

7. Irrigation Auditing

Monitoring and periodically checking your irrigation system is an important step in getting the most out of your investment. A commercial landscaping service should maintain your irrigation system and by doing this will help achieve water savings, and usage. Efficient drip irrigation in lieu of overhead sprinkler heads reduce water use, runoff and evaporation.

8. Efficient Water Use 

Low-impact water devices save water and money. Bio-swales and Retention basins can help slow the runoff of rainwater helping to reduce storm water overload, and reduce the impact of soil erosion.

9. Sustainable Green Practices 

Whenever feasible, decide to implement other methods of maintenance having less of an impact on the environment. For example, pruning shrubs with hand shears instead of using gas powered hedge trimmers is better for the environment by reducing air pollution and improves the health of your plants, allowing one to create a natural plant form. By recycling lawn clippings, green waste, trimmings and other landscape debris will reduce the cost of debris transportation to landfills.

10. Contact FloraTerra

Contact us to learn about ways to lessen the impact on the environment.

By Making a few shifts in your commercial landscape maintenance will help create a "Green Environment".

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