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Kick-Start Your HOA Landscape Service With A Great Budget

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Sep 29, 2020 6:30:00 AM

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An HOA Landscape Service Starts with A Great Budget 

Whether you're planning your first collaboration with an HOA landscape company, or simply making some changes, creating a well thought out budget is always a bright idea. A clear budget plan will set you off on the right foot.

With the right HOA landscape company, they can save you from potential stress and frustration later!

The place to start is in making sure you've got all of the data, facts, and figures at your fingertips. In order to help you bring your budget together, we've laid out an easy-to-follow 5-step plan. Work your way through these simple steps and watch the pieces of your budget puzzle slot together, beautifully!



Your property may hold a myriad of possibilities for creating value and reducing long-term costs. For example, thirsty and high-maintenance lawns can be replaced with more sustainable alternatives, such as drought tolerant ground covers that are colorful and verdant.

The right adjustments can reduce costs dramatically, both through water conservation and lower maintenance needs. Assess your outdoor spaces, area by area, to identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Envision the end result – saving water, improving aesthetics, and stretching your budget dollars, all in one go!


Work with a commercial landscape company that has a track record for budget planning, and strategic forward thinking. Your service provider should double as a resource in terms of business acumen and expert knowledge!

The right HOA Landscape company will support you in all areas of HOA landscape management, and be able to guide you towards trans-formative solutions that enhance your property.

Together, you can fine tune your budget items, including: landscape management, water management, irrigation upgrades, tree care, landscape design, and installation projects.


When it comes to commercial landscape maintenance, it's easy to fall into the trap of being reactive, rather than pro-active. In these moments, budgets can certainly run away with us!

Keep ahead of the game when it comes to HOA landscape maintenance by developing a long-term plan.

Start by laying out your improvement goals for the next 5 years. This will allow you a much clearer oversight for budget allocation, and plan creation.

For example, you may have an HOA with 29 buildings, that is 30 years old. The property's existing exterior infrastructure and planning is outdated and tired, and your water costs are ridiculous!

You know improvements are direly needed, but where do you start? Engaging a landscape designer, and beginning to build a picture of budget possibilities – taking on the space from a holistic perspective – is the best way to change the trajectory of your HOA landscape maintenance experience.

You can weigh up other projects in the pipe line, and distribute your landscape budget accordingly. This might mean setting an overall 5-year budget, but only spending 10% in the first year, and 30% in the second.

As you progress, the money you save in water costs can be offset against your landscape maintenance allowance. In this way, you'll know exactly where you stand!


To Reduce Landscape Costs Futuristic budget planning for water conservation has never been more important than it is today. Employing smart irrigation technology should be seriously considered – especially with the cost of water increasing year over year.

An experienced commercial landscape company will always recommend taking control of water consumption by beginning with a water audit.

Here at FloraTerra, we provide expert water management specialists who will identify water waste issues on your property, and advise on how to eliminate them. Did you know that smart controllers can save an average of 25%-40% in water usage?

By adjusting water daily according to the weather and temperatures, such innovative technology can deliver optimum water conservation with ease. Our water management team will help to pin-point outdated, under-performing, or malfunctioning equipment.

We will recommend the best solutions for capturing water savings, and advise on using smart irrigation technology to conserve and save this precious resource.


Despite the best laid plans, there will always be the occasional unexpected event that was overlooked in the budget planning stage. For example, that water main line that broke under the asphalt costing you $10,000 – yikes!

Or, the large specimen oak tree in the main court yard that died unexpectedly. It would be nice if we could plant a money tree for such events, but unfortunately the best strategy at our disposal is to prepare for the unknown, as far as we are able!

Of course, the ideal scenario is having an emergency budget in place to provide contingency cover, buffering you from the unknown. However, an alternative is having identifying other viable options ahead of time.

This may mean knowing which projects within your current plan could be delayed should the wrong kind of surprise occur. By preparing for the unexpected, you can execute your HOA landscaping budget with total confidence.

Eliminate stress and frustration, and discover peace of mind with FloraTerra! We have the knowledge, expertise, and business acumen to assist you with on-point budget planning.

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FloraTerra and its affiliates are based in San Jose, California.  As a leading HOA landscape maintenance contractor in San Jose Ca, FloraTerra specializes in multi-family developments.

Since its origin, the company and its affiliates have installed and maintain some of the most prestigious communities throughout the Silicon Valley, Metro area.


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