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Retail Landscaping Services Increase Shopping Center Traffic

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Dec 7, 2021 6:45:00 AM


retail shopping center landscape services

In an era of online shopping, the art of in-person retail has become more complex than simply providing an enticing product offering. More than ever before, shopping centers and malls are being tasked with creating a multi-faceted experience that exceeds the value of the virtual. A creative approach is required to tempt consumers away from the comfort of home – and in this pursuit, landscape design holds boundless potential.

When everything from luxury goods to groceries is only a few clicks away, what does it take to keep foot traffic flowing? In addition to an array of on-trend brands and irresistible fine-dining options, setting a scene that delivers satisfaction in its own right is the best route for success. An enhanced retail big box environment delivers an emotive and immersive shopping experience that will lure families and selfie-hunters alike!

Retail Landscape Design In The Context of Shopping Locations

When we think of retail landscape design, the mind might well venture first to the undulating greenery of public parks, or scenic spaces accompanying HOA properties. However, within the realm of retail, landscape design offers a surprising multitude of rewards.

Complementary landscaping can dramatically heighten curb appeal, providing a valuable advantage within a competitive urban setting. Meanwhile, creating vibrant landscaped areas within shopping center and mall locations can manifest a sense of cohesion between indoor and outdoor facades, allowing shoppers to indulge with time spent in an environment that is a pleasure to inhabit.

Introducing features such as flowerbeds, sumptuous statement-plant specimens, and water features means providing endless interest for visitors, as well as creating various zones within which friends and families can enjoy quality time. When posed with the choice of where to shop, consumers will inevitably flock to the location that boosts their mood as well as meeting their retail needs.

shopping center landscaping services

The Form and Flow of Retail Foot Traffic

In order to incorporate landscape design to maximum effect, an element of strategy is essential. Outdoor seating areas that are shaded and partitioned by thoughtful planting can provide an intimate and pleasant respite for shoppers in need of a break. Trees and shrubs elegantly soften the harsh aesthetic of expansive concrete surfaces, while interspersed planters are ideal for drawing together a diversity of shopfronts.

Leisure areas with water features can enthrall children as their parents make the most of well-earned retail therapy – or provide an unusual setting for memorable dining. By considering the way visitors move through each space and using landscape design to elevate their shopping experience, a recipe for commercial success emerges.

The Perfect Plant Selection For Shopping Centers

There is no question that a high-performance retail environment needs to shine consistently all year round. Achieving a lush and bountiful natural aesthetic that stands up to the seasons means considering not only geographical location and climate, but also the unique aspect of each planting area. Native plants with robust evergreen foliage offer ideal low-maintenance solutions for outdoor spaces, while the introduction of accompanying seasonal flowers can dazzle with additional wow-factor.

Meanwhile, interior landscaped areas can provide the opportunity to playfully apply exotic plant species that may not suit the exterior climate. Clever planting in this way can provide an element of fantasy for shoppers as they step out of the everyday and into the unforgettable – encouraging them to linger, and spend more as they do!

An Expert Touch for Top-Notch Retail Landscape Maintenance

Establishing spectacular landscaping within a mall or shopping center setting of course represents a sizable investment. With this in mind, it stands to reason that the best tactic for ensuring a prosperous return is enlisting the help of retail landscape professionals to bring such a project to life. Equally, while strong plant selections and intelligent installations will minimize maintenance costs, diligent ongoing care is essential.

Tatty foliage, thirsty shrubs, and untended flowerbeds will not a glamorous shopping experience make! Moreover, recovering overgrown and neglected green spaces represents a far greater cost than measured maintenance. A skilled and knowledgeable landscape company will be able to assist in the planning and development of consumer-appropriate plantscapes, as well as being ready to advise and deliver on a sustainable upkeep regimen.

A professional retail shopping center landscape company will also be able to suggest impactive lighting with landscape design in mind. Just as the right lighting can make signage more striking and walkways more attractive, the same can be said for tactfully illuminated foliage. Whether up-lighting plants for luxurious dramatic flare or bathing a green-enshrined area with a diffuse glow for inviting ambiance, the possibilities are endless!

A Cutting-Edge in the Post-Covid Era

There can be no doubt that the way people shop has been forever changed. While online retail was already on the rise before the pandemic, lockdowns made it essential – introducing many new shoppers to the digital domain. That said, as we all emerge from this challenging period, consumers will undoubtedly be looking for fresh experiences and spaces within which to reconnect with nearest and dearest. By harnessing a commercial landscape designer, shopping centers and mall owners can place themselves perfectly to fulfill that need.

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