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7 Commercial Landscape Services for Greening High Foot Traffic Areas

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Dec 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Corporate Campus Landscaping Service

Appealing green spaces offer the perfect framing for any commercial landscape service

—that is, when they continue to look spectacular all year round. Unfortunately, we've all seen planted areas around offices, HOA communities, or retail shopping centers, that look rather worn. Foot traffic damage to lawns, planted areas, and garden infrastructure is sore on the eye, leaving otherwise aesthetic properties looking positively dreary.

So, how can property owners and managers leverage a commercial landscape service without risking such disappointment? High foot traffic is of course a sign of success, so a solution is required. Happily, a trusted commercial landscape service should be ready and capable to deliver resilient and spectacular landscaping that intelligently stands up to the test of footfall!

1.  Smart Design for High Traffic Areas

When it comes to creating resilient green spaces within busy spaces, the role of landscape design becomes more than visual—practically must be at the heart of any landscape design concept. Creating a beautiful garden design isn't enough. Instead, thought must be put into the organic flow of pedestrians, with not only current through-traffic taken into account but also the potential for use of the space to evolve.

Once natural thoroughfares are accommodated with durable surfaces and robust planting, further planting tactics can be employed to detour unanticipated footfall. Closely spaced hedges and groups of high-density and large plants will not only create depth and interest, but also place pedestrians back on their intended path.

2.  Balancing Durable Surfaces With Tough Ground Cover

One of the most powerful impacts of a commercial landscape design is its capacity to soften otherwise stark urban settings. Color and texture immediately lift man-made structures, making them look and feel more decadent and pleasant to inhabit. However, when it comes to accommodating foot traffic, this high-reward aesthetic calls for some strategy. Combining a tough ground cover plant such as Isotoma Fluviatilis—otherwise known as “Blue Star Creeper”—with paving stones can offer the color and softness aspired too, while ensuring a green environment that will stand up to daily trampling. Within a mix-and-match solution, the right plants that can fill in quickly and recover fast.

3.  Choosing Grasses that Can Handle Heavy Foot Traffic

While conventional lawn is often the go-to when planning landscaped areas, an expert eye for the location and its intended use should always be placed ahead of taking the plunge. Choosing the wrong grass variety can set property owners, managers, and developers up for disappointing results.

When tasked with finding a grass-based solution, the team at Flora Terra will take aspect and footfall into account before advising on perfectly suited grass variety options. Some of our favorite options include Bermuda grasses such as Tifway, Bandera, and Bull's Eye, which offer properties such a drought and shade tolerance, interesting color and texture, excellent growth rates, and durability. Perennial Rye and Paspalum grasses are also optimal choices, setting deep roots that also prevent erosion.

4.  Hyper-Realistic Contemporary Synthetic Turfs

While antiquated synthetic turfs tended to stand out from a mile away, modern versions can be both extraordinarily life-like, and phenomenally hard wearing. For commercial sites, HOA communities, and all manner of institutions, at times maintaining lawn is simply not an option. In these cases, a high-grade synthetic turf can offer the impression of a green slice of nature—looking very much like highly maintained, fresh cut grass—without any of the maintenance or irrigation demands.

5.  Recycled Rubber as an Eco-Friendly Mulch

For those who enjoy the feel-good factor—not to mention the credentials—that come with reusing and recycling, recycled rubber mulch is a rewarding option. Such products are created by reclaiming some of the 285 million tires that reach the end of their road-worthy lifespans each year. Recycled rubber much offers the benefit of free-draining permeability, and a soft and fall-friendly surface. Because rubber doesn't break down as bark or wood chips do, this earth-conscious option lasts far longer, and doesn't attract pests because of the absence of organic breakdown.

6.  Robust Ground Covers as a Lawn Alternative

Fast-growing, verdant, and drought tolerant ground cover plants can serve as a wonderful alternative to the traditional lawn. Low growing plants that creep until they fully inhabit a space—while being able to thrive in the face of foot traffic—provide a pleasing solution within the bay area climate.

A reputable commercial landscape company such as Flora Terra will turn to plant species such as ground-hugging Japanese juniper Procumbens Nana, a hardy carpet of silvery and yellow-blossomed Dymondia Margaretae, or a sea of prolifically flowering Gazanias. The velvet-like leaves of silver-hued Stachy Byzantia or the bountiful green of Baccharis Pilularis can each facilitate a unique and characterful landscaping composition.

7.  Meandering Walkways of Decomposed Granite

Many enjoy the aesthetic of gravel in outdoor areas, however gravel tends to move about, finding its way into commercial interiors and surrounding landscaping. Gravel also provides the space for organic material buildup that can often lead to sprouting weeks and an untidy aesthetic.

In contrast, decomposed granite which is finer and inclined to compact into a stable surface offers an excellent alternative. Formed through the natural weathering of this igneous rock, decomposed granite is available in a variety of shades, and provides an affordable and versatile alternative to pavement walkways and traveling gravel!

Bay Area Commercial Landscape Services

Commercial property managers across the San Jose area—including Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Fremont and Mountain View, CA—trust us our commercial landscaping company because we understand that landscaping is more than just a snapshot. Green spaces should be enjoyed and traversed, and established with site suitability in mind. Why not contact FloraTerra Landscape Management to discover what a commercial landscaping contractor can do to enhance your exterior spaces.


When you partner with FloraTerra Landscape Management, we have all the bases covered. From sustainable landscape designs to award winning maintenance, we have the experience, resources, and dedicated team to get it done. As a leading commercial landscape company in the Bay Area CA, we know that together we can achieve great things!

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