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Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Oct 17, 2018 8:30:00 AM

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A tremendous amount of focus within the landscape industry is being given to the benefits of sound pruning practices and methods promoting sustainability. As defined for commercial landscape maintenance, sustainability utilizes practices which preserve limited and valuable resources such as water and plant materials, reduce waste, strive for increased life span and maturity of plant materials, promote re-use and methods that produce natural results, lessen the effects on air, water and soil pollution.

Landscape is part of our natural environment and should be treated with respect and care. Proper commercial landscaping services is not about letting the landscape take over; it is about properly managing the landscape using the plants natural form and growing patterns according to the designer or architect’s intention. FloraTerra does their best to use perennial flowers, ground-cover, plants and trees that will live in balance with their surrounding environment. Although still changing, it has taken several years of mistakes and error to develop a selection of native and non-native plant material that are visually pleasing and that will thrive in our local bay area regions.


                       Natural                                                       Sheared

Far right Photo has been severely sheared into geometric shapes by the improper use of power hedge shears. In Photo far left the Natural Pruning is the preferred look. The use of bypass pruners to maintain size and shape is much more appealing to the eye and exhibits a healthier look. By allowing plants to grow to their original shapes, the plant material will take on a much more attractive look exhibiting natural form and beauty as opposed to the severe hedged look.

Boxing and Balling Drive up Commercial Landscape Services

Few topics in hoa and apartment landscaping services generate more discussion about how to prune a shrub. Past practices have promoted boxing and balling of shrubs. Society has forced the perception in the landscape industry into thinking that if you don’t follow the practices of modern theme parks and shape objects into symmetrical shapes out of the landscapes trees and plants, the job is not done professionally. In order for power hedged plants and trees to thrive and survive, irrigation methods must change supplemental watering systems into primary watering systems to help suppress the damage employed by these practices.

Shearing Promotes Plant Decline in Commercial Office Landscaping

A common service that we constantly see companies providing multi-family and apartment landscape services includes using the power hedge trimming, this method of shearing suppresses the growth that consistently deprives the plant of leaves, holding back its ability to convert nutrients into food through photosynthesis. Lack of shade at the base of the plant or tree allows more water evaporation, creating a need for increased irrigation watering. As a result, this increases the plant or trees growth, requiring even more pruning. As the plant grows at an accelerated rate to compensate for sheared foliage, the diameter of branches increase in size over time and become “woody.” Eventually the plant becomes less than desirable, is more prone to pests and disease and the life duration of the plant is shortened.

Possibly the most abused shrub is the Abelia species because it is common and easily sheared into irregular or boxed shapes. Many neatly trimmed Abellia bushes are extremely dense due to shearing. Consider the colorful blooms on the plant of proper pruning techniques so you can see the natural green leaves accentuating the pink flowering blossoms.

landscape maintenance service in the bay area can have the most damaging effects on your landscaping. Plants in these areas must tolerate difficult circumstances such as limited irrigation water supplies (which have high mineral and PH content), high temperatures and in some cases reduced winter rainfall. Misguided maintenance practices further compound the environmental impact of these conditions and create unnecessary damage to the plant, diminishing the value of the original intent.

Employing Natural Pruning Practices Promotes Healthy Plants

Employing Natural pruning techniques favor the health and longevity of the plant. The intention of most landscape designers is to achieve a more natural, less formal look which contributes to the long-term goal of achieving a landscape that can be managed with less water requirements, less labor, reduce green waste generation, improve the wildlife’s environment and provide improved health for the plant, resulting in sustainability.

HOA Landscape Service

An HOA Landscape Service That Improves Shrubs Appearance 

Renovation style pruning applies principles to promote an aesthetic appearance of shrubs and ground covers in a designed urban setting, and this includes multi-family landscape services. Typically, this consists of pruning the shrub approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of its intended size. This type of pruning permits plants to grow back into the space throughout the following growing season. Shrub renovation allows people to enjoy the seasonal color provided by a variety of plantings used in open spaces and landscape areas. No shearing or power hedge trimming is necessary when plants are in full bloom and should certainly not employ a monthly or bi-monthly pruning program. Sometimes pruning is necessary for safety related issues, such as plants that interfere by growing over sidewalks, obstruct lines of vision at intersections and driveway entrances or that block important signage.

For instance, Photinia Fraseri or Escallonia Fradesi can grow in excess of 8 feet by 5 feet in as little as two growing seasons. When the shrub exceeds the intended height for the location, it can be selectively pruned prior to exceeding the plants spaces, or if it is the proper season for this species, renovation style pruning can generate pleasing results. The use of this method will allow the plant to grow in a more natural form, bloom and protect itself from the hot sun naturally with its foliage.

Sustainable landscape management is not only about shrub and tree pruning methods. It entails the treatment of various soil conditions, lawn care, irrigation maintenance, water runoff, pesticide and herbicide applications. Incorporating a well thought out sustainable landscape design, employing sound landscape and water management principles can create a beautiful and pleasing atmosphere that promotes aesthetically pleasing curb appeal.

A Corporate and Commercial Landscaping Company

FloraTerra  is a Leading HOA and Apartment Landscaping Company in the bay area , providing a complete range of landscaping services, including sustainable landscape improvements for Shopping Centers, Retail Mall Landscaping, R & D Developments, Luxury Apartment Landscaping, Residential Estate Landscaping, HOA Landscaping, Condominium Developments and Commercial Office Park Landscaping, Corporate Campus Landscaping. We provide services throughout the bay area.

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