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How Commercial Landscape Designers Make it Water Wise

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Jun 14, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Commercial Landscape Designers for Water Conservation

While many are drawn to the Bay Area because of its abundant sunshine, there is no escaping the reality that extended droughts and escalating water rates impact the upkeep of green spaces. Water-hungry gardens are increasingly costly to maintain, if they can be maintained at all. So what's the solution?

Well, if you've been interested in common grounds landscape maintenance trends over the last few years, then you will have certainly encountered it whenever you heard the phrase “water wise landscape designers”.

That's right—water wise- commercial landscape designers are here to the rescue! This catchy phrase certainly sounds appealing, and wisdom in relation to water certainly implies lower costs.

But, what exactly is a water wise landscape design? If the question has left you pondering, then you're in the right place.

Today, let's dive into the strategies harnessed in this savvy landscape design approach, so that you can tell your commercial landscape contractor exactly what sustainable trends you are interested in!


Using Native and Drought-Tolerant Plants

A move towards water wise landscape designs means detoxing green spaces of the delicate and poorly-suited plants that have historically been over-utilized in traditional landscape design.

Such species would often call for endless irrigation, and even then there was a good chance that they would wither whenever a period of drought arrived.

You can avoid the costly replacements that would inevitably follow by asking your commercial landscape designer to favor native and low-water-use plants in their composition. These robust choices will be able to thrive whatever the weather.


Creating Hydro-Zones

The term “hydro-zone” is HOA-Condominium Landscape Designers lingo for grouping plants according to their watering needs. Attractive groundcover, shrubs, and trees can be grouped together based on their anticipated irrigation requirements.

So, certain areas may call for watering weekly, monthly, or perhaps not at all once plants are fully mature. In this way, irrigation schedules can be optimized, with no plants being over or under-watered.

Installing and Scheduling Efficient Irrigation

Speaking of scheduling irrigation, it is important to be aware that all watering systems are not created equal!

Research suggests that opting for modern drip irrigation can save 25% of water use when compared to traditional sprinklers, while Smart Irrigation Technology Can Take Those Savings Even Further.

Rainbird intelligent watering systems automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on ET and local weather patterns, meaning plants get exactly what they need—not a drop more or less.

Supporting Optimal Soil Health

Healthy soil may look like any old mud to the untrained eye, but it is in fact an abundant source of life that your landscape's plants will be keen to take advantage of.

An important element of Water Wise Landscape Design and Estate Landscape Maintenance is monitoring and improving soil health by adding organic matter, aerating compacted soil when necessary, and applying eco-friendly mulch. Together, these actions will enhance water retention, prevent erosion, and encourage optimal plant growth.

Limiting the Use of Lawn

As attractive as a stretch of bright green lawn may be, turf grass always comes in at the top of when listing a landscape's various water cost demands. While you may wish to introduce or maintain certain lawn areas for recreational or aesthetic reasons, there are plenty of alternatives to explore.

By instead harnessing drought-resilient ground cover plants and attractive hardscaping, your Commercial Landscape Construction & Design Team can paint a spectacular living picture without an over-inflated water bill attached.

Plus, if you're ready to omit the lawn, then another bonus may await. Why not ask your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contractor to walk you through whether local rebates may be available as a reward?


Maintaining Water Efficiency Over Time

If landscaping is to remain water wise over time, then it's vital that infrastructure and planted areas are cared for accordingly.

For example, in an HOA setting in the Redwood Shores area, consider asking your HOA Landscape Maintenance Company in Redwood City Ca to periodically audit and repair your irrigation system as this would certainly represent a fantastic investment—because leaks in valves and drip lines, faulty solenoids, and broken cross connections can all mean costly water loss that would otherwise go undetected.

Through tactics such as keeping irrigation infrastructure in tip-top shape, maintaining mulch in the interest of weed control, and tending to soil for ongoing fertility, our commercial grounds management can help towards vibrant, cost-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping!

Would you like to explore water wise landscape design for your next Landscape Construction Project?

Perhaps instead, you're wondering if your existing landscape can be enhanced for greater water conservation? These are the endeavors that make the FloraTerra team excited to get to work each day—so get in touch, and let us guide you towards the perfect water wise landscaping solution.

Commercial Landscape Designers For Water Conservation

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