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5 Services Our Commercial Landscaper's Exclude, and Here's Why!

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Feb 12, 2024 4:15:00 AM

Commercial Landscapers for Businesses

One of the most frustrating things you can encounter when seeking a top-notch commercial landscape contractor is a company that promises the moon but can't deliver to the highest standard. Sadly, far too many enterprises working in the commercial, HOA, and corporate landscaping sphere overstate their skill sets to the detriment of their customer relationships. Here at FloraTerra, we take a different approach.

As a veteran commercial landscape service operating in the wider Bay Area, we are immensely proud to offer a broad spectrum of comprehensive services, delivered by a highly trained and impassioned team of seasoned experts and specialists.

However, whenever we begin a shared journey with a new client, we are always quick to be equally transparent about the services that we don't provide as we are about the ones that we do. Essentially, this approach means that you can enjoy the total confidence that comes with knowing where you stand, and we can get on with doing the many things that we do brilliantly!

 From HOA Landscape Installation and Landscape Design through to Irrigation Services and Water Management, our core service offering incorporates everything that your HOA or commercial landscape needs to grow and thrive. But as we mentioned, there are some services that we don't provide, and with good reason. So read on to discover what we exclude from our offering and why.

1. Lake, Lagoon, and Fountain Maintenance

Akin to professional capabilities such as fire preventive landscape design and CLCA certified water management , taking care of the complex underwater ecosystems requires niche-specific training and certification. It might seem logical that this area of expertise would cross over with things like the art of water conservation, however, the management of over-ground water infrastructure and sub-aquatic environments are different things entirely.

If your homeowners' association or corporate campus holds substantial waterways, lakes, or ponds, it is important to have appropriately qualified professionals at your disposal for key periodic maintenance. The chemistry and health of the San Francisco Bay Area's aquatic habitats can have a significant impact on their surrounding environments, with even small mistakes potentially leading to the need for costly recovery. The best bet is to partner with a trusted local specialist and avoid placing these precious resources in the hands of anyone underqualified.

 2. Parking Lot and Asphalt Maintenance

When it comes to meeting the needs of the countless Commercial and HOA landscaping in our region, there can be no doubt that the demands placed on traffic-ready infrastructure are varied and significant. Happily, there are a great number of outstanding asphalt and paving specialists close at hand to provide solutions and repairs tailored to the needs and usage of your property's entryways and parking areas.

 It is always vital that commercial landscape companies collaborate proactively with these kinds of companies. After all, landscaping elements such as tree roots or water runoff can have an impact on the performance of traffic-ready hardscaping, and great landscape design always needs to take foot transit into account. However, asphalt and paving repairs should never be patched by those without the appropriate training—both in terms of quality of completion and best safety practices in these high-use thoroughfares.

 3. Holiday Lighting, Décor and Electric Services

Here at FloraTerra, we often talk about the immense value that can be unlocked by adding beautiful strategic lighting to your commercial landscaping. Our skilled design team will gladly help you identify the best ways to illuminate your property for added aesthetic value, extended use, and nighttime safety. However, we will also urge and ensure that your project is overseen by qualified electricians.

 Whenever electricity is involved, new installations should be approached with respect, and safety considered paramount. Meanwhile, new light features or temporary holiday lighting can place a significant demand on your property's electrical systems. A robust, outdoor-appropriate setup is not only advisable, but an absolute must. That's why we'll always work alongside the right partner for you, rather than taking on electrical work that is outside of our broad but specialized scope.


 4. Janitorial, Custodial and Building Maintenance

When it comes to interior cleaning and building maintenance, we like to say that if a task isn't exposed to the elements, as a rule of thumb, it won't be within our high-performance comfort zone. For example, manufacturing and industrial facilities are often diversely specialized and comprise a range of areas that might include offices, cafeterias, labs, childcare, loading docks, storage, equipment rooms, and restrooms.

Many janitorial and full-service maintenance companies are well-equipped to serve as guardians to such a wide range of interior environments, and there are many exceptional companies throughout the Bay Area that are better suited than FloraTerra Landscape Management in this regard—which is why we know your internal spaces will be better off in their hands, just as your outdoor green areas will be better placed in ours.


5. Private Residential- Single Family Home Landscaping

While it might be surprising to some, FloraTerra Landscape Management doesn't consider private residential landscaping a core part of its service offering. In fact, in the spirit of transparency, less than 1/2% of our company’s revenues each year come from private homeowner properties. So, clearly, we don’t always say “No” when asked to perform residential landscaping and irrigation services, but there's a good reason why we also don't often say “Yes”.

Ultimately, the skills required to care for substantial landscaping installations such as those seen at HOA, corporate, retail, and commercial locations are very different to those of the small-scale private residential gardener. Unfortunately, as our clients often share with us, far too often, inexperienced contractors will take on these large scale properties without the necessary experience, insurance and bonding requirements to work within stringent annual budgets and with long-term return on investment in mind.

In contrast, we have cultivated the capacity to deliver outstanding results in ambitious settings where landscaping for businesses is considered a vital and high-performance asset. We consider factors such as retail-ready curb appeal, foot traffic, entryway and façade presentation, low-maintenance design, and cost-saving drought-tolerant landscaping modifications designed to save your enterprise money over time.

At the end of the day, quality commercial landscaping services and private residential garden care are not the same thing, and it's always best to partner with a landscape company that works at the scale you require. We do offer Estate Gardening and Bay Area HOA Landscaping Services alongside the competitive edge provided by our Commercial Landscape Service. So, if in doubt, the best thing to do is connect with our team and we can advise if we are the best fit to meet your landscaping needs.

If you’re looking for a landscape company that prioritizes transparency and integrity, with the expertise and knowledge to handle ambitious projects with care, please call our office at 408.275.1200, or you can also click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our commercial landscape specialists.

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