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Ask These 5 Key Questions Before Hiring Your Next HOA Landscaper

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Mar 5, 2024 4:15:00 AM


As a long-standing Homeowner Association landscape company in San Jose, Ca, we put a great deal of effort into sharing what to look for when hiring an HOA landscape company, because we prefer helping our community thrive than serving as the cavalry when landscape projects have gone horribly wrong. On that basis, today we're going to guide you through what you need to know in order to select a San Jose HOA Landscaping Service that you can trust. Read on to learn more.

Why Asking the Right Questions Matters

Over our many years engaged in ambitious HOA Landscape Maintenance, we've borne witness to the spectrum of responsibilities carried by the community managers and boards driving prestigious homeowners associations. Undoubtedly, when those juggling so many vital duties seek a contractor to steward their green outdoor spaces, it can mean entering a minefield. Being armed with key questions to ensure a successful match is the best way to rise above the risks of entanglement with bad contractors.

Sadly, far too many landscape professionals promise the world before taking on HOA contracts that are far over their heads. This can lead to a costly and protracted period of reoccurring disappointments and missed landscape maintenance targets. Safeguarding against this potential peril begins with challenging prospective Bay Area Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance Service providers with the kinds of questions that will bring their true qualifications to light.


Q#1: Are you a full-service landscape maintenance contractor?

To get the best value from your HOA landscape maintenance service, you'll want to know that they offer a consolidated in-house service capable of meeting the vast majority of your needs. In contrast, working with a commercial landscape company that sub-contracts to manage their obligations invariably means mounting added costs that will ultimately land with you.

With this in mind, when interviewing HOA landscape contractors, consider not only your needs today but also what the future might hold. You want to work with a multi-skilled team that will be just as ready to realise your dream future commercial landscape installation, lawn conversion, or irrigation update as they are meeting your current maintenance and tree care schedule.

Q#2: What are your licenses, certifications, and designations?

As with any other skilled profession, an affordable HOA landscaping company in San Jose Ca must be adequately qualified to perform its duties safely and effectively. For example, if your HOA property features majestic trees, you wouldn't want to put them or the safety of your residents in the hands of anyone but an ISA certified arborist who is a veteran at HOA tree trimming.

Commercial landscape contractors use a host of potentially dangerous equipment and must have a deep understanding of plant, soil, and water management to be cost-effective. Case in point, you won't want a landscaping company without in-house CLCA certified water managers when the time comes to install, audit, or upgrade your HOA landscape's irrigation system. So, be sure to request and inspect the qualifications of any prospective hire before entrusting them with a high-value asset like property landscaping.

Q#3: How does your service ensure sustainability?

Speaking of water management, it's important to recognize that cost reductions achieved with diligent water conservation practices stand as only one example of why sustainability should be at the heart of any great large-scale HOA landscape maintenance plan.

Stylish and sustainable landscape design that features California native plants, soil-protective practices, drought-tolerant species, and fire-smart landscaping will be less disease-prone, require less chemical intervention, and be more robust in the face of a changing climate. As an added bonus, it will also be cheaper and less time-consuming to maintain, plus far less costly to water. These are certainly things that you'll want to hear about before making informed decisions on hiring your next sustainable HOA landscape contractor.

Q#4: What are your quality control processes?

The best way to ensure a top-level service is to track and measure its progress. This makes it vital to explore the strategies used by a commercial landscape maintenance company—to ensure that they walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk.

Probe to discover how well they audit, track, and inspect their HOA landscape maintenance. Do they measure the performance of each gardener or specialist to confirm consistency? Are they transparent about their findings, offering data provision and reporting? By looking for answers in this important area, you can claim certainty that you'll never be kept in the dark.

Q#5: How do you use technology to better serve your clients?

Today more than ever, a huge part of enacting effective quality control lies in leveraging modern technology to the advantage of clients and professionals alike. Without a doubt, landscape contractors that are failing to evolve in our fast-developing industry are sure to fall behind, holding their clients back in the process.

That's why contemporary HOA and commercial landscape companies should be readily utilizing cloud-based software to provide you with a client web portal where you can generate work orders, check up on service requests, and see progress in Realtime through time-stamped site photos and GPS tracking. The improvements in quality of service and customer experience that these technologies afford cannot be overstated.

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Conclusion: Be Curious About Your HOA Landscape Company

As you can see, missing out on any of the credentials that these questions spotlight will leave your HOA landscape maintenance service lacking. However, by asking these questions at the right time, you can reveal underqualified contractors and identify those who are worthy of holding your contract.

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